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Grants Advisory Committee & Process
The Committee has adopted a sound and fair granting protocol where grant applications are systematically graded to ensure that projects with the greatest need and the greatest chance of success are supported.  This Committee provides funding recommendations to the Foundation Board of Directors for ratification.  Grant decisions are expected in November.
Guidance from Golden & Area A’s Vital Signs
The Grants Advisory Committee will use the 2011 Golden & Area’s Vital Signs Report for guidance. Over 300 survey respondents evaluated the performance of twelve issue areas, which impact our residents’ quality of life. A steering committee collected further research to help inform our citizens and decision-makers how we were performing and provided guidance on ways to take action. It is strongly suggested that grant applicants review this report and ensure that their project and application addresses improvements in one or more issue areas. The GDCF’s priority will be to award grants to projects requesting $5,000 or more, up to approximately $15,000.

Golden & Area A’s Vital Signs Issue Areas
Housing – 1st Citizen Priority Safety – 6th Getting Around – 11th
Health – 2nd Priority Environment – 7th Arts & Culture – 12th
Work – 3rd Priority Getting Started & Staying – 8th Belonging & Leadership – 13th
Economy – 4th Learning – 9th

Recreation & Leisure – 5th Gap Between Rich & Poor – 10th

Other Project Funding Opportunities
For more details on Golden & Area A funders and programs, please see
For more details on how the GDCF started to bring local funders together, please see the 2010 Funders Forum presentation.
(pdf format - 2.5 mb)

Better Granting Together
Thanks to a series of local and regional discussions, funding organizations in Golden & throughout the Columbia Valley have a better understanding of how granting can support community development.

With the support of the Vancouver Foundation and coaching from Harvest Moon Consulting, Ryan Watmough of the Golden & District Community Foundation developed a prototype called “Better Granting Together” for funders in the Columbia Valley and Golden & CSRD Area A, BC. Funders include local & regional government, foundations, service clubs and other organizations that provide financial support for community projects.

The Better Granting Together prototype was developed during a BC Community Foundation Learning Lab, through discussions between executive directors of the Golden & District Community Foundation and Columbia Valley Community Foundation, who guessed that there were approximately $1M in funding granted from the community, to each community each year. Each Community Foundation hosted a local funders meeting (or meetings) in their community. For some funder representatives, this was first the introduction to other funders in their community. 

Figure: The Better Granting Together Cycle
Read the Better Granting Together Report here. (PDF - 6.5 mb)

Current Projects
In November 2016, the Golden & District Community Foundation decided to support the following projects through their Community Grants Program. 

Recipient Organization & Project GDCF Award
Canada150 Grant
The Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN) - Wild Voices for Kids, 2016-2017 $1,700 $1,700
Special Olympics BC-Golden – Travel Costs for Athletes & Volunteer Coaches to Attend Regional Competitions  & Coach’s Training Programs $1,479.67
Town of Golden - 150 Legacy Link & View $7,500.00
Golden & District Historical Society (GDHS) – via Cecil & Edel Parson Memorial Fund $279.35
Golden Family Centre Society – Golden Day Program $367.54
Total 2016 GDCF Grants $11,326.56

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