Vital Signs

Every 3 years, the GDCF leads in the publishing of an indicator report for Golden & Area A called “Vital Signs.” This year’s proposed report will include data from the 2016 Census, which has already shown that the community has reversed the shrinking trend of the last 2 Censuses and grown since 2011. The data and community priority-setting process in Vital Signs has helped local funders allocate resources and funding to groups that are working to address these key community needs.

Vital Signs will continue to rely on local experts and volunteer researchers, who can lean on the project manager and the Vital Signs community from across Canada and around the world to help collect and analyze local data and share ideas for community development.

Vital Signs Report 2011 (pdf)
Vital Signs Report 2014 (pdf)
Vital Signs Report 2017 (pdf)

Thanks to everyone that completed the Golden & Area A’s Vital Signs 2017 Survey (
SurveyMonkey pdf)

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Does your group want know more about the Golden & Area A’s Vital Signs Report and how it can impact your organization? Please contact Ryan Watmough, GDCF’s Vital Signs Project Manager, at

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