2018 Annual Report

Released on February 20, 2019 at our Annual General Meeting, this report lays out where we’ve been and where we are going. We’d love to talk to you more about fulfilling your philanthropic interests by supporting or creating an endowment fund with the Community Foundation.

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2018 Grants, Awards and Scholarships

Community Grant Program - $19,331.28

Youth & Leadership Award - $3,980.00

Mike McKnight Ski Industry Scholarship - $1,239.72

Parson Memorial Award - $589.56

Scholarships to GSS Graduates - $14,802.75

Whitetooth Affordable Ski Program - $15,934.34


2018 Board of Directors

Glen Ewan, Q.C. - Chair
Randy Priest - Vice Chair
Susan Olson, CPA - Treasurer
Nola Milum - Secretary
Charlene Collison
Bernie Heuvelman
Ryan Pinkney
Lynne Romano
Lori Roseberry
Gillian Starke
Alycia Weir

Joy Orr - Executive Director

Special thanks to our retiring directors Charlene, Lori and Gillian. Your work for the Foundation and the community is very much appreciated!


New Funds and Awards

Peter Bowle-Evans Community Volunteer Award Fund

Providing annual support for an award to acknowledge the contribution of a community volunteer or organization.

Arts & Culture Award

Debuting in Spring 2019, the Foundation will be providing an annual grant to support local arts and culture activities, programs and organizations.


2018 Financial Reports

We welcome questions about the Foundation. Send us an email, or give Glen a call.

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Our Year in Brief

2018 was a busy year for the Foundation. Here’s just a sample of what we were up to.

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Report from the Chair
Glen Ewan, Q.C.


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