Apply for a Youth & Leadership Award.

Deadline is may 1, 2019

Community Grant Program (2019)

This program will provide funding of over $30,000 to support projects that benefit Golden and Area A residents.

Individual grant applications will be evaluated based on the project’s ability to address community issues as identified in the 2017 Vital Signs community consultation and report. The 13 issue areas are, in order of priority: Housing, Health, Work, Economy, Recreation & Leisure, Safety, Environment, Getting Started and Staying, Learning, Gap Between Rich and Poor, Getting Around, Arts & Culture & Heritage, Belonging and Leadership.

Within this program, there is also targetted funding for projects that focus on:

  • Health and Wellness (up to $1000 from the Crandlemire-Keenleyside Fund)

  • Search and Rescue (up to $1800 from the Allen Williams Memorial Fund)

Funding is available only to registered charities, or to non-profit groups that partner with a registered charity. The official applicant will be the registered charity.

Deadline for application is noon on Monday, October 21, 2019. Applications must be received by email to

Download 2018 application form and application guidelines for your information. Watch this space for the 2019 application form which will be available in September.

Youth and Leadership Award (2019)

The Youth and Leadership Award will provide up to $3000 in funding to youth organizations. This award promotes youth working for local community benefit, youth demonstrating leadership in the community and/or youth opportunities in sport or outdoor activities.

Learn more about the application process here.

Deadline for application is noon on Wednesday, May 15, 2019.

Mike McKnight Ski Industry Award (2019)

In memory of Mike McKnight, a scholarship(s) of up to $680 will be available to Golden and area residents with a record of community service for education or training that will support a career in the ski industry.

Application must be made by the educational or training institute nominating a candidate for this award.

Download the nomination form.

Deadline for application is noon on Thursday, September 12, 2019.