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Award overview

The Arts & Culture Award is intended to promote arts and culture activities in Golden and area. Arts and culture includes performing, visual and literary arts for and by all ages, capacity building for arts and culture organizations, mentoring and teaching of skills, public art, and increasing arts and culture appreciation and understanding.

This award is funded by the interest earned on the Golden & District Community Foundation’s Arts & Culture Endowment Fund. The maximum grant will be $1000.

What organizations are eligible to apply?

Organizations funded by the Arts & Culture Award must meet the following criteria:

  • Recipient organizations must be a registered charity. Organizations that are not registered charities can partner with a registered charity to receive funding.

  • Organizations applying for funding DO NOT have to be arts and culture organizations, but they must be proposing a project or activity that promotes arts and culture within Golden and area.

How is ‘arts and culture’ defined?

Our definition of Arts and Culture is a broad one. Think outside the box and surprise us!

Here are some words and concepts to keep in mind:

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Application process

  • Organizations interested in applying for the Arts & Culture Award must complete a letter of interest outlining the Arts & Culture project or activity and the amount being requested, and send to by noon on TBA, 2020.

  • Letters of interest will be reviewed by our Grant Selection Committee. You will then be contacted if your project is chosen to enter into the full application process.

  • Final grant selection(s) will be announced by TBA, 2020. The term of the grant will be until TBA, 2021.

First step: Letter of Interest

The letter of interest from your organization outlining your idea for promoting arts and culture in Golden and area A before TBA, 2020.

The letter must include a calendar of activity(s), or timeline for completion of project(s), as well as a clear description of how these activities and/or projects promote arts and culture activities.

The letter should include an outline of the purpose of your organization, a brief history, and a quick snapshot of some of the accomplishments the group is proud of.

You are also welcome to attach other materials or links that will help the Grant Selection Committee understand the value your group brings to the community.

If your group or organization is not a registered charity, you must include a second letter from a partnering organization that is a registered charity, outlining their willingness to apply for this grant on your behalf.

The Grant Selection Committee will review your letter of interest and decide whether or not to proceed with the full application process.

Second step: Full application process

A deadline will be provided for completion of the full application at the time your letter of interest is approved by the Grant Selection Committee. The full application process includes a more detailed project description and budget.

If your application is approved, 75% of your grant will be paid to the registered charity.

Third step: Final report

Prior to TBA, 2021, a final report is required. The final report will include:

  • Itemized list of costs with receipts

  • Proof of public acknowledgement of GDCF’s funding, and a thank you

  • Balance of grant will be paid out upon approval of the final report

Need help?

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