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Deadline for application: Noon on Sunday, October 21, 2018

 The Allen Williams Memorial Fund helped to fund Golden & District Search and Rescue's (GADSAR) purchase of mountain sling equipment in 2017.

The Allen Williams Memorial Fund helped to fund Golden & District Search and Rescue's (GADSAR) purchase of mountain sling equipment in 2017.

The Community Grant Program provides funding to local registered charities in Golden and Area A from the interest earned on our endowments including the Community Endowment Fund, the Bud Stewart Memorial Fund, the Crandlemire-Keenleyside Family Legacy Fund, and the Golden Log Truckers Association Fund. Applications are accepted on Oct 21st of each year.

Individual grant applications are evaluated by the Grant Selection Committee based on the project’s ability to address issues identify in the 2017 Vital Signs community consultation process and report.

  1. Housing

  2. Health

  3. Work

  4. Economy

  5. Recreation & Leisure

  6. Safety

  7. Environment

  8. Getting Started & Staying

  9. Learning

  10. Gap Between Rich and Poor

  11. Getting Around

  12. Arts, Culture, & Heritage

  13. Belonging & Leadership

Over $37,000 is available through the Community Grant Program in 2018. Within this funding there is also targeted funding for:

  • Health and Wellness (up to $1600 available from the Crandlemire-Keenleyside Fund)

  • Search & Rescue (up to $3700 available from the Allen Williams Memorial Fund)

In 2017, $18,596 was granted to support the following projects:

  • Golden Community Social Services Coop towards the set up of a local housing advisory committee which will facilitate strategic alliances among groups with housing needs, and begin the process of ensuring that appropriate housing is available to community members.

  • Abbeyfield House towards the purchase of a propane hot water heater, addressing the sustainability of a key housing option for seniors in our community.

  • Golden Community Resource Society for the Peer-to-Peer Seniors Support program which focusses on ensuring that seniors have access to the support and the resources they need to live well in the community.

  • Golden and District Search and Rescue towards the purchase of mountain rescue and helicopter sling equipment. A significant portion of the total funding provided by the Foundation came from the Allen Williams Memorial Fund, a directed fund set up particularly to support search and rescue activities in Golden and Area A.

The Youth & Leadership Award is intended to support youth in sport, outdoor activities, and leadership.

For more information about this award, please email

The Foundation manages a range of scholarships and bursaries for graduating students at Golden Secondary School. In 2018, students will receive more than $14,000.

  • Aman Virk Memorial Scholarship

  • GSS Legacy

  • Henry M. Durand Scholarship Trust

  • Future Contractors Scholarship

  • Eugene & Irene LaRue Memorial Trust

  • Tera Jubinville Memorial - Legacy

Field of Interest Funds

  • Allen Williams Memorial - Search and Rescue

  • Blair Family - Arts and Culture Fund

  • C & E Parson Memorial Fund - Historical Society

  • David Braul Memorial - Golden Lions

  • Youth in Leadership and Sport Fund

Special Endowment Funds

  • Mike McKnight Memorial Ski Industry Award Fund

  • Whitetooth Ski Society - Whitetooth Affordable Ski Program Fund

  • Peter Bowle-Evans Community Volunteer Award Fund


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Donors may also choose to set up their own fund:

• Scholarship Fund • Field of Interest Fund
•Family Fund • Charitable Organization Fund
• Designated Fund • Memorial Fund
• Donor Advised Fund