Youth & Leadership Award

Award overview

The Youth & Leadership Award is intended to promote youth activities in Golden and area. Youth is defined as 12 - 18 years of age.

The award application process is intended to empower the youth who will receive the award, to lead in the application process and to develop skills in working with partnering non-profits.

This award is funded by the interest earned on the following permanent endowments: Youth in Sport, Youth Opportunities, Adventure Realm Canada and the David Braul Memorial Fund.

What youth projects and activities are eligible?

Projects and activities funded by the Youth & Leadership Award must meet one or more of these criteria:

  • Youth working for local community benefit

  • Youth demonstrating leadership in the community

  • Youth opportunities in sport or outdoor activity

who is eligible to apply?

Foundation grants are made to registered charities only. Established youth groups or organizations that are focussed on youth but that are not registered charities can partner with a registered charity to apply. There are a number of registered charities in Golden that are experienced in partnering in this manner.

application process

  • Applicants for the Youth & Leadership Award must provide a letter of interest from the youth group and a letter of support from the partnering registered charity sent to by noon on TBA, 2020.

  • Letters of interest will be reviewed by our Grant Selection Committee. You will then be contacted if your project is chosen to enter into the full application process.

  • Final grant selections will be announced by TBA, 2020. The term of the grant will be until TBA, 2021.

First step: Letter of interest

The letter of interest should be written by a youth in leadership within the youth organization outlining the types of projects and activities they plan to do with the award funding.

The letter should include a calendar of activity(s), or timeline for completion of the project(s), as well as a clear description of how these activities and/or projects meet one of more of the established criteria.

The letter should include and outline of the purpose of the organizations, a brief history, and a quick snapshot of some of the accomplishments your group is most proud of.

You can also attach other materials or links that will help the Grant Selection Committee understand the value your group brings to the community.

Second step: attach a letter of support from your partner

The letter of support will be from the leadership of a registered charity who will be willing oversee the project/activity and manage the funds provided.

This letter should also include the reason the organization supports the project and the benefit they believe will be derived from the project or activity.

Third step: Offer to complete the application process

The Grant Selection Committee will review all letters of interest and contact the groups that will be invited to complete the application process. Groups will then be required to complete a full application. Assistance is provided to work directly with youth to complete this process.

Fourth Step: signed letter of agreement

If the application for the award is successful, your group will be offered either full or partial funding. Before funding is received, a letter of agreement will be provided for signature by both applying organizations that will outline a range of technical details including, but not restricted to, registered charity number, requirement of criminal record check for adults working with minors, and more detailed financial plans for use of the award.

75% of the grant may be paid to the registered charity at the start of the project/activity, with final payment being issued upon receipt of the final report.

Fifth Step: Final report

Prior to TBA, 2021, a final report is required. The final report will include:

  • Itemized list of costs with receipts

  • Proof of public acknowledgement of the funding received from the Foundation

  • Report can be provided in written form, or in a personal presentation to the GDCF board

Need help?

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Need a mentor to work with your youth group and partner organization to apply? We can help with that too.